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So you want to sell your car?

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Bumps in the Road

As long as you have been forthright in your representation of your car's pluses and minuses, you should have nothing to worry about. To assure the potential buyer that you are not keeping any secrets, hand out the vehicle's VIN number and encourage them to run a check on the vehicle via a vehicle history report.

Some car shoppers will ask if they can take the car to their own mechanic for a once-over. This has become an acceptable practice when buying a used car, although if you have obtained a prior report from your mechanic, that may suffice. If you have built a rapport with the potential buyer you can give your permission for them to take the car and set a return appointment at a specified time and place, or you can drive with the buyer to obtain a diagnostic check. If you have any inkling that the car shoppers are possible car thieves, it only make sense for you to refuse them the option of driving the car away―and you should end the meeting immediately for your own safety sake.