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So you want to sell your car?

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Decide Where to Sell

Tried-and-true methods for selling a used car include hanging a "for sale" sign in the vehicle; buying a classified ad in the local newspaper; posting a sign on neighborhood bulletin boards; and trading in the car at a nearby car dealership. All those traditional approaches will have varying degrees of success―all of those methods inherently include an investment of time and energy.

Nowadays, car sellers also have some non-traditional ways to sell a used car. With the popularity of the Internet, you can now find sites that will assist you in a variety of ways to sell your vehicle. Many sites exist where buyers, usually for a small fee, can post their car's details and interested parties can contact you online for more information. One benefit from dealing with that type of posting is that you can make initial contact with potential buyers via email; from that initial contact, you can field any questions they may have and weed out any unqualified buyers prior to showing the vehicle. Companies such as Car Soup; Cars Direct, fyiAuto and Craigs List can help streamline the sale of your car.

Other online businesses take even more of the hassle out of selling your car. Today, there are brokers that will consign your vehicle and will sell the vehicle online for you for a fee. A note of caution: Be sure you are dealing with a reputable company by researching the company before you sign a contract with them.

Another online option is to offer your car for sale to the highest bidder. A number of online auction houses, such as Ebay now include car divisions on their sites. Again, before committing to any agreements with the company, be sure to read carefully all rules and stipulations.

If you are especially eager to be rid of a car, consider donating your car to a legitimate non-profit organization. Many of these groups can be found via the Internet or in your local phone book; one source is Donate a Car. Be sure to read and understand the current tax deduction guidelines; many tax code rules change from year to year.