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So you want to sell your car?

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Evaluate Your Vehicle

Let's face it, consumers can be fickle. What was once the rage goes quickly out of vogue. The American car-buying public is notorious for wanting the trendiest vehicles with the lowest sticker prices. Take an honest look at the marketability of the car you have for sale. If it's a popular make and model, you'll probably sell your car quickly. If not, be prepared to do a little research to find the best markets for your particular car.

Remember the Chevrolet Corvair or the Ford Pinto? Those vehicles, and others that have fallen out of favor, may be next to impossible to sell unless you offer it to members of a collector's car club. Compact economy cars may be hot tickets if you happen to live around a college campus; muscle cars may sell best near a military facility; station wagons may attract an interested buyer in a bedroom community; and ragtops will sell better at the beach. Knowing your vehicle and who would be most likely to buy such a car is imperative to the successful sale of your vehicle.

Be brutally honest with yourself about the popularity and desirability of the make and model car you want to sell. Take the time to research the going rate for your car through a company such as the Kelley Blue Book or get the real book value of your vehicle on PriceDart. Only then will you know where and how to market your vehicle, and only then will you have realistic expectations of how much money you can get from the sale of your car.