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So you want to sell your car?

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Be a Savvy Seller

Anticipating a potential buyer's questions about your vehicle is one way to build confidence in your honesty. Buyers looking for a certain make or model will likely have done some research on the going price of similar cars. Because of that, you should do your homework too.

Spend some time online or reading the local classified ads comparing the same year make and models. If, for example, your asking price is significantly higher than the price of like models, it makes sense to have ready reasons to support your higher asking price. Special features, perfect maintenance records, and newly upgraded or replaced major engine parts are all logical explanations of a higher price--just be sure that you can justify your answers with receipts.

Many people refer to Kelley Blue Book to find a range of price on used vehicles. While the figures they use are an established source for car values, it is not the only source available any more. Don't let the buyer quote chapter and verse from any one source that determines car values. It may well behoove you to research several of the car evaluation sites and print out copies of the reports so you can show potential buyers that your asking price falls within the range of acceptable prices. You might want to check out Nada Guides or Edmunds.

In addition to being smart about pricing information, it is in your best interest to learn some car terminology prior to writing up your ad. Using correct and specific terms to describe your car makes your ad more concise and informative―and the car shopper will know that you know about your vehicle. Once your ad has been written up, take the time to have a friend read over your copy to make sure you haven't forgotten or omitted any crucial information. If, for example, a potential buyer is looking only for a car with an automatic transmission, they will probably never take the time to call you and ask if you neglect to include that information.