Car Selling Tips | Show Off Your Car!

So you want to sell your car?

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Show it Off

If you have a sign posted on your vehicle, be sure to park your car in the areas that may generate the most interest―places that are appealing to those who would most be interested in your particular make and model.

Remember too, that potential buyers are going to be evaluating you as well as your vehicle. Car buyers may shy away if you come across as a high-pressure car salesman, so try to present yourself as friendly and honest. If you present yourself (both in appearance and demeanor) as a responsible and detail-oriented person, that impression will help assure possible buyers that you have carefully maintained your car.

For most methods of selling a used car, you will need to arrange and keep appointments where potential buyers can view and test drive your vehicle. Many people can find this process a bit intimidating―be sure to try to put potential buyers at ease, and answer any questions to the best of your ability. For your own protection, you should verify that anyone who will be driving your car is in possession of a valid driver's license issued in your state, and make sure your insurance coverage will cover other drivers. To safeguard your property, it is always best to accompany the driver. During the drive, you can answer any of their questions as you travel along the highway.

If you are anxious about showing off your car alone, there is nothing wrong with having a friend or relative drive along, just be sure that you address any concerns or questions on your own―you are the expert on this vehicle.