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Which fees should I pay?

Fee Description Pay it?

Destination Cost of transportation charged to dealers from the manufacturers. Yes
Advertising Cost of advertising charged to dealers for promoting the vehicle in the dealer's market. Yes
Administration Administration fee added to the price of a vehicle with no additional descriptions. Maybe
Holdback Money allocated to go back to the dealer from the manufacturer when the vehicle is sold. No
Fuel Fee A dealer may charge for the fuel in the tank of the vehicle at the time of delivery. No
Sales Tax All taxes due must be paid by the dealer or by the consumer. As a part of the administrative fees, a dealer will typically collect the taxes for the consumer to assist them in simplifying the transaction. Yes
Title & Registration The department of motor vehicles charges and collects registration fees. As a convenience, most dealers allow you to pay these at the time of purchase. Yes
Documentation Cost of completing, filing and managing the documents for a car sale. Maybe
Floor Plan Finance cost of carying the vehicle on a dealer's floor plan (line of credit). No
Preparation Cost of washing and making the vehicle ready for sale. No
Options Cost of accessories, dealer installed options and other items added to the vehicle. Yes